Q: What information do I need to provide to sign up?

A: Name as per passport, passport number, email address, mobile phone number and a strong password. You can update the information later should there be any changes.


Q: Is there a minimum subscription period?

A: Yes. You may choose to pay monthly or yearly at a time, but you can terminate whenever you like. 


Q: What is the benefit of paying annually?

A: More savings compared to paying monthly. 


Q: Who has access at the backend of the system to my vaultbox?

A: Only you and your assigned deputies have access.


Q: What happens to my data if I terminate?

A: All your data will be deleted immediately, and it will not be restored if you re-sign up later. Prior to terminating, you should plan to save all the data elsewhere if you would like to retain them.


Q: Am I entitled to software updates/upgrades and how do I upgrade?

A: Yes. One of the many benefits vaultbox cloud-based software is that you are always on the latest version. New features and functionality are delivered incrementally.