Deputies FAQs

Modified on Wed, 11 May 2022 at 10:40 AM

Q: What is the recommended number of deputies?

A: 2 or 3 deputies


Q: How many deputies are required to unlock my vaultbox?

A: A minimum of 2.


Q: Can I remove my deputies?

A: You can revoke and reappoint new deputies at anytime.


Q: Can I not have deputies?

A: Yes. You can opt for no deputies. Select “skip for now”. Please be aware that if you choose not to have any deputies and you are no longer alive/able to enter your account, your data will be locked away forever.


Q: Is circular deputisation ok?

A: Yes. Meaning that Person A can deputise Persons B and C, and Person B can deputise Persons A and C, and so on.


Q: Can I deputise myself using an alternate personal email?

A: Yes, you can. Be aware that if your identity is hacked and your multiple email accounts are compromised, your vaultbox may be compromised also.

Q: What is a Professional Deputy?

A: Professional Deputies are authorised and trusted entities that will act as your deputy. If requested to unlock your vaultbox, they will do all the necessary due diligence to ensure that the request is valid.

Q: Does a deputy need deputies?

A: No - the deputy vaultbox account does not support deputies.  If a deputy upgrades their account to vaultbox pro, they will be able to select deputies as normal.

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