Welcome to vaultbox!

To sign-up, go to https://test.vaultbox.tech and click 'Sign up':

Then enter your details as prompted.  vaultbox collects your government ID number so that we can verify identity in the event of the vaultbox team being contacted about an account.

Next, enter details about your Deputies:

It is very important to setup deputies, as they are the ones who can unlock your vaultbox if you are unable. If you forget your password and you have not setup deputies, then your vaultbox is locked forever.  By design, the vaultbox team cannot unlock your account - only deputies can.

Click 'Next' then confirm your details and review the Terms of Service.  If all looks good, click 'Submit'.  You will get an email from vaultbox - click the activation link in the mail to verify your address. Congratulations, your account has been created and you can now login at https://test.vaultbox.tech!

Next you need to setup Multi-Factor Authentication.