Our unique vaultbox promo code applies to either monthly or yearly plan.

For example, a monthly-plan promo code with a four-month duration applies to the first four months of a customer’s monthly subscription fee. Meanwhile, a yearly-plan promo code applies to a customer's first one year subscription fee. 

Do take note that most promo codes are applied to monthly subscriptions only unless stated for yearly subscriptions. Hence, if you try applying a promo code to either monthly or yearly plan and receive the following error message, simply select the other subscription option. 

Here's an example: 

When the following promo code XMAS21 is used for a yearly plan, it would display the error message "Failed to check code validity". 

Simply switch to the monthly plan and click "Next" to see your sign-up information, as well as the promotion discount and duration information. If it still doesn't work, please submit a new support ticket and we will review and get back to you.