Some assets and liabilities are logically linked together - for example a mortgage linked to the relevant property, or a group of assets you intend to sell in the next 12 months.

In this guide we will be linking a Property asset to a Mortgage liability.  You can replace this with whatever makes sense to you, but note the assets and liabilities need to have been created before starting this process.

First click the asset or liability you want to link to another one from the vault to see the drilldown:

Then select Asset Links or Liability Links in the upper right.  In this case we will be linking to a mortgage (liability), so we click Liability Links.

Click Link liabilities then select the relevant asset or liability to link - in this case the mortgage. Then click save.  Note you can select multiple assets or liabilities:

You can now see the links in the Asset explorer:

Once done, return to the Registry then click Group in the top-right, and click on the expansion symbol to see your new grouping: